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Copy Amy - ingenuity Series MP6428-SS001-11E Men's mechanical watch
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Masterpiece ingenuity series
Male Table
Automatic mechanical watch movements
Movement Model
Stainless steel
Bottom of the table
Through the end of
Table mirror
Sapphire crystal glass
Strap Color
Folding clasp
50 m
Beautifully packaged box
The time Date luminous moon phase display
Launch of Year

【Brand story]

Le Meridien be officially available MAURICE LACROIX flag in 1975, because of the excellent quality and technology, a short period of 30 years stand out begins with the fierce competition of the Swiss watch industry, establish an excellent reputation, but a moderate price makes Yimei Cheng for many young the choice of the elite.

Everywhere advertised the long history of the Swiss watch industry, Le Meridien regarded as a different kind in Switzerland, his success depends on the sensitivity of the market and technology innovation. Amy Brand seems to have a more personal meaning for many Sanshierli the salt of the earth strata: a share the same growth from the brand, also reflects a youthful burst of energy and vitality.

As an emerging brand, Le Meridien is a very early planning of a balance between technology and design vision, hope the combination of classical and modern elements to create special functions beyond time and space design. Amy has accumulated considerable experience from the movement transformation. The early 90s of the last century, Amy began to emerge in the field of mechanical watches, to lay a better foundation for the road towards self-movement for Amy.

The Maurice Lacroix through a diversified product line-up, a new advertising campaign, as well as innovative retail stores image march milestone. Maurice Lacroix tomorrow Classic ", is also the perfect crystallization of the art of traditional watch with advanced new technology.

In 2006, Rui Shiyi beauty watch factory to new initiatives in the the latest Potter series of "Le Chronographe stopwatch configuration with Maurice Lacroix own production plant movement ─ ─ ML 106 movement, led by the Swiss watch brand across into a new era. Maurice Lacroix still belongs to the few independent Swiss watch factory one, leaned her through this new product further the field of high-quality mechanical watches, to accept a higher level of technical challenges.

Swiss Maurice Lacroix's name, and the combination of the experience of decades to produce high-quality watches. Glorious history began in 1961, Desco Von Schulthess AG in Zurich acquired Jurassic Province of Saignelégier town a watch parts factory, production exclusive brands to supply domestic and overseas markets. In 1975, a section named "Maurice Lacroix" Maurice Lacroix is ​​available in Austria, and from this has laid the foundation for future success. The following year, Amy recognition of the Spanish market. Four years later, Maurice Lacroix sales center is also established in Germany. 20 years after the launch of its first product, that is, in 1995, Maurice Lacroix successfully open the United States market, and established a global distribution network. In the fall of 2001, originally part of the Desco Von Schulthess AG company, a division of Maurice Lacroix SA, formally registered as an independent company. In 2002, Maurice Lacroix set up subsidiaries in the United Kingdom to find an ideal location for international business development goals.

Today, Maurice Lacroix has 220 employees worldwide, and its products throughout more than 60 countries of about 3,700 designated high-level watch for sale, is a national and international one accomplished Swiss watch brand. Independent Swiss watch factory which amount to rare, Maurice Lacroix is ​​a part of, not only her leadership position in the luxury watch market in Germany, and also extremely popular in the United States. The most admirable Evolution Maurice Lacroix still own production in Saignelégier case, Swiss watch factory unique.

Plant scale advanced quality renewed confidence

Maurice Lacroix since the 1989 the Saignelégier acquisition of a watchcase factory assembly line, over the years constantly inject expansion efforts with the times, to maintain a state-of-the-art technology. This is not only in order to add to the scale of strength, but instead sought all production procedures are Zhen of perfection. In 2000, Maurice Lacroix further expansion assembly equipment, the establishment of information and training center; expansion of the formal completion of the new facility in February 2003, is something which the industry's premier advanced plant, so that the the watch production staff to give full play to their design talents here, full of tabulation enthusiasm created a precise and excellent watches. Every year, about 150,000 only quality watch from the the Saignelégier watch factory, marketing around the world.

Maurice Lacroix belief

Although in the past 30 years, the changing trend of the times, with a goal but constancy is not easy, is the design mind, perfect value and quality material passion. Maurice Lacroix for its "crown jewels as" The Potter series of mechanical watches rising above the process, especially proud. Ingenuity series "Le Chronographe stopwatch that appeared in 2006, the configuration of the first movement with its own production plant in Maurice Lacroix ─ ─ ML 106 movement, laid a pivotal position, led the Swiss watch brand forward into the new generation. Valuable experience and lessons from the "Potter" series production process is also a reference to the the Pontos (Pontos series), Miros (Golden Series), Les Classiques (Classic Series) and Divina classic series.

The Maurice Lacroix diversified lineup of products, a new advertising campaign, as well as innovative retail stores image march milestone. In addition, Maurice Lacroix and fees up to take close cooperation, and promote the brand to further increase awareness, enhance its consumers infection charm. Maurice Lacroix tomorrow Classic ", is also the perfect crystallization of the art of traditional watch with advanced new technology.

Watch series of the significant Riche

Master (originality Series): This series masterpiece completely outpouring the Maurice Lacroix culmination of the process level. Precise state-of-the-art technology, combined with the new and beautiful design, shape and elegant style of exquisite mechanical watches. Latest available ML 106 movement, Maurice Lacroix watch factory first movement, with its own production combines traditional elements with innovative watchmaking watchmaking technology such as column-wheel, in 2006, Maurice Lacroix brand development initiate another peak.

Pontos watch the Pontos (Ben Tao Series): a progressive, constantly innovating, eternal and pure design, workmanship internal mechanical structure, glow tempered spirited. Pontos Décentrique ─ ─ Maurice Lacroix 2006 series to launch multiple charisma watch In particular, limited production with King titanium case and deviate from the surface of the central time zone 12 hours most table fans heart charmed.

Miros (Golden Series): In 2004, Maurice Lacroix designer further for Miros icing on the cake, add transcendence not swarm, beautiful charm. This watch has a a streamlined round or pillow case design, proportioned surface, as well as superior functionality, showing off its distinctive and courtesy. In 2006, this series adds the first watch with a mechanical movement, lineup see more heyday.

Les Classiques (Classic Series): the watch series so popular over the years, in 2006, completely updated and even more new ideas. These attractive watches have lines of the United States, filled with the traditional elegant charm, the most rare is the many advantages of both classic watches priced extremely attracted a great value choice.

Divina: the form of flowing and feminine charm, festooned every woman's feminine essence. Divina special edition models, they embrace the unique personality of the ultimate choice. These limited production, precise fusion of Swiss watchmaking technology with polar-class jewelry mosaic art masterpiece, a new approach to the interpretation of the theme of the four elements; Following the 2005 launch of the water as the theme Divina "étoile de Mer" using fire as the theme Divina "Temptation" has been born.

Maurice Lacroix Chronology

1961 parent company Desco von Schulthess AG set up in Saignelégier watch parts factory to produce all kinds of spare parts for multiple clients brand (private label).

1975 first Maurice Lacroix is ​​available in Austria.

1976 Maurice Lacroix to enter the Spanish market.

1979 Maurice Lacroix set up distribution centers in Germany.

1980/1981 Maurice Lacroix through the Desco branch in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia launched.

Maurice Lacroix to expand its international distribution network (Switzerland 1983/1987: In 1983, the Netherlands: in 1986, UK: 1987)

Located at 1989 Maurice Lacroix acquisition Saignelégier case manufacturer, and continue to invest in machinery and equipment, to ensure that Maurice Lacroix is ​​on the cutting edge.

1989/1990 and re-integration of the distribution network in the Far East and South Pacific: Maurice Lacroix launched in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

1990 Maurice Lacroix launched in Saudi Arabia to explore the Middle East market.

1994/1995 the Maurice Lacroix investment of millions of Swiss francs to update and expand its the Saignelégier watchmaking factory, to meet tomorrow classic "was born.

1995 establishment of American Branch of Maurice Lacroix Maurice Lacroix successfully make distribution network throughout the world, and far-reaching.

1997 Maurice Lacroix redefine the global brand image.

1999 to expand and update its Saignelégier located in the case manufacturer, to improve the quality and production capacity to meet the growing demand of the global market.

2001 Philippe C. Merk, Mr. March served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Maurice Lacroix. Desco Von Schulthess AG's department on October 1 of the same year, were originally part of Maurice Lacroix SA, formally registered as an independent company. The face of good prospects, Maurice Lacroix has invested heavily to expand its assembly plant.

2002 Maurice Lacroix UK branch was established.

2003 Maurice Lacroix launched boutique the Masterpiece Double Rétrograde double Callback watch technology to a new milestone. The reversal of the extremely rare second time zone 24 hours and watch mechanical properties, developed entirely by the watch factory. Launched a new advertising campaign to, update retail stores look. The Maurice Lacroix Museum opening in Saignelégier, exhibited a variety of precious Potter series of limited edition masterpiece.

2004 Swiss tennis player fee up to take in June signed a cooperation agreement, Federer around the world as a brand ambassador. Maurice Lacroix launched in the fall of the first fee up to take the watch style.

2005 Maurice Lacroix year marks two commemorative events: to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the establishment of the brand, and the launch of the 15th anniversary of "ingenuity" series.

2006 Maurice Lacroix launched ingenuity series "Le Chronograph stopwatch, its inner configuration with Maurice Lacroix own production plant movement ─ ─ ML 106 movement. Today, Maurice Lacroix in over 60 countries and approximately 3,700 designated high-level watch for sale. Each year, about 150,000 only quality watch from Maurice Lacroix watch factory located in Saignelégier marketing around the world.

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